I'm so bored....pleeeze can we go walkies? - News from Cathi

Going walkies during lock down an absolute no no! 

I am certain that most pet owners, myself included, are really feeling sorry for their pooches during lock down. What ever you do, don't be tempted to break the law by sneaking out for a quick romp on the beach or the park. Besides the fact that the fines are pretty hefty, would you really be foolish enough to risk spreading infection? Do yourself and everyone else a favour and stay at home!

Here are a couple of things to make the day pass a little easier for yourself and your bored pooch:

Depending on the size of your yard, you could always play fetch with a ball....obvious right?.....not always. My dog is slightly broken, as in she is probably one of the only dogs I know that looks at a tossed ball as if to say, "You expect me to do WHAT?" - If you have a defunct doggo like mine, you could try smearing the ball with a bit of peanut butter (Black Cat, yellow lid - no added salt or sugar) and hide the ball in the garden. Hide a few items and let the hunt begin, your pooch will catch on quick and if you play along it will be really fun, get the kids involved too.

The weather has been ridiculously nice over the last week (duh - no going to the beach allowed). Lightly cook a few blocks of butternut, sweet potato and carrots and then pop them into the freezer over night - these make great snacks for your woofs and can be stuffed into toys for hours of entertainment.

Play soccer - small yard of big yard, soccer doesn't mean kicking the ball for miles and miles....dribble the ball for your pooch. It's nice and challenging for your dog and great exercise for you too.

Massage.....ah now there's a thought! Some dogs love hands on attention and a head, neck, face and belly massage are sure fire ways to ensure that your pet's tension is released.

Hide and seek - little explanation needed here. Simply hide behind a corner or wall (even under a blanket) and let the games begin. Dog's love the element of surprise so when they come stalking you, give them a chance to take it slowly until they find you. Most dogs will get very excited after finding you and do a bit of a wheel spin around the house so move all of your breakables.

Training: there are tons of training videos on You Tube to choose from, here is a link to my favourite. 


Design an obstacle course in your house with tunnels and ramps etc and let the games begin. It's not always wise to use treat training if your pets are inactive as this can lead to weight gain so use treats sparingly.

We have less than 2 weeks to go.....be strong and have fun.

Be safe all you lovely pet loving peeps and we'll catch you on the flip side of this thing.