The heat is on - News from Yolande

Summer is fast approaching and our pets could be in serious danger. Keep them cool and comfy this summer with some of these useful tips. Information supplied by:

Yolande Henderson | Veterinary Nutritional Advisor | The Vet Store Capricorn

Being aware of the symptoms of overheating is vital for pet owners. If your pet is showing any signs of difficulty breathing, extreme panting, increased heart rate or excessive drooling, your pet may be starting to suffer from being overheated.

Extreme symptoms may include the following:

*  Seizures

*  Bloody diarrhoea

*  Vomiting or pale gums

Flat nose breed pets such as Bulldogs, Pugs or Persian Cats are most susceptible to overheating as their shortened snout makes panting more difficult.

Elderly, very young, overweight or pets with health issues should also be given extra attention during the hot summer months.

Using a pet friendly sunscreen (15 spf or more) is a great way to keep short haired or light skinned pets safeguarded from the harmful rays of the sun and keeping them out of the excessive heat is recommended. 

Tips to keep them cool and comfy:

Use a fountain or continuous watering system.

Offer outdoor pets plenty of shade, install an umbrella if necessary.

Change exercise routines to morning or evening when it is cooler.

Invest in some cooling products such as: cooling mats, beds, collars or a cooling vest.

Place a damp towel on the floor for a D.I.Y cooling mat.