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F10 - Parvo Pack

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The Canine Parvo virus is a highly contagious virus. It causes an infectious gastrointestinal (GI) illness in puppies and young dogs, and without treatment, it is potentially deadly. Part of what makes the virus so dangerous is the ease with which it is spread through the canine population.

The contents of this boxed pack includes everything that you may need to sterilise an area that has been contaminated by the Parvo Virus.

Included in the pack: 

- F10SC 200ml
- F10SCXD 200ml
- F10 Antiseptic Liquid Soap 500ml
- Empty F10SC 500ml Trigger Spray bottle
- Parvo leaflet

- Decontamination after contagious diseases e.g. parvo virus/snuffels/ringworm/distemper.

- Routine hygiene at home e.g. floors/bowls/toys/bedding/litter trays.

- Cleaning & disinfection of e.g. bird cages/terrariums/reptile enclosures/rabbit & hamster housing.

- Hand Hygiene!