Rooibos Horse Treats

Rooibos Horse Treats

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All the goodness of the Rooibos Oil is now in a tasty treat for Horses, full of the goodness of rooibos leaves, chamomile flowers and grapeseed oil!

Many horse lovers were buying the dog treats to feed to their horses as there were few biscuit-like treats available and none with purely natural ingredients. However, it is recognized that feeding extra protein to horses (even the tiny amounts within the treats) is not necessarily good for them and so the Rooibos Treat recipe was adapted to exclude eggs specifically for the Rooibos Horse Treats.

The treats are also a larger size than the dog treats which makes them more amenable to horses and more easily breakable to their human keepers.

Available in pack sizes;   500g and 1kg

The treats are around 40mm  in diameter and 4mm thick.

The same recipe as the Healthy Dog Treats,  but without the eggs